Engraved Silver Plated Baby Cup


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Our engraved silver plated baby cup is sure to please. New parents will love this gift. every child should have their own silver baby cup. It makes it even better because it comes with a lid to help prevent big spills. We custom engrave the name and a date below. Most people are familiar with how engraving works but we want to mention that with engraving we are going into the material we are NOT printing on the item so the engraving will blend with the cup or any engraved gift item. We just want you to be aware that it is not printed so it is not going to show up as black or white. Some people are not familiar with the process and we have never had any complaints on any of our products but we like to be upfront with all of our customers about all of the processes we use.

Each cup is silver plated and includes a plastic sipper lid so that nothing spills. The dimensions of the cup are 2.5" High x 2.75" wide x 3.75"