100 Custom Printed Double Sided guitar picks


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Click here before placing order to be sure your image will fit properly. Our custom celluloid personalized guitar picks are great for bands, musicians, weddings,birthdays,graduations or any other event or celebration. They are a standard shape and are .96mm. Guitar picks can vary slightly in size since they are not all the same. Our picks measure 1.01x1.186 . Celluloid is a traditional pick material, the plectrums grip well and sound great on the guitar strings.They make a great keepsake and people love getting cool items as a party favor. We also offer single guitar picks in another listing. This listing is for 100 custom printed guitar picks using your favorite image. For the 100 custom guitar picks each image needs to be the same.We offer free shipping.
Please be sure to send a good image as well as background in the actual photo so we have background to work with, close up and edge to edge photos will have part of the image cut off if we do not have background to work with. DO NOT CROP. we cannot fit a square or rectangle image onto a tear drop shape of a guitar pick without cutting off some of the image if it is closeup. Please leave background to avoid being disappointed.If you are not sure if the image will work then please email to ask before placing order. info@personalizeyouritems.com